The History of the Tenor
Is an archive of the greatest Operatic Tenors including narration and sound clips from 1900 until 1990.

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Tenor Aria Opera Date Time
n20-01 Windgassen Narrative   3.59
a20-02 Windgassen Love Duet w Nilsson T/Isolde 1966 12.26
n20-03 Del Monaco Narrative   1.29
a20-04 Del Monaco O Tu Che In Seno Forza 1958 5.37
n20-05 Del Monaco Narrative   0.57
a20-06 Del Monaco Ah! La Paterna Mano Macbeth 19xx 3.12
n20-07 Del Monaco Narrative   0.35
a20-08 Del Monaco Niun Mi Tema Otello 19xx 4.35
n20-09 Del Monaco Narrative   0.49
a20-10 Del Monaco Ma Se Me Forza Perdita Un Ballo 19xx 3.19
a20-11 Del Monaco Vicino A Te w Tebaldi Chenier 19xx 7.24
n20-12 Simoneau Narrative   3.30
a20-13 Simoneau Fond du Temple w Bianco P/Fishers 19xx 6.30
n20-14 Simoneau Narrative   0.14
a20-15 Simoneau Di Me Bollenti Traviata 19xx 4.01
n20-16 Simoneau Narrative   0.34
a20-17 Simoneau Addio Mignon Mignon 19xx 3.09
n20-18 Simoneau Narrative   0.34
a20-19 Simoneau Fuor Del Mar Idomeneo 19xx 2.11
n20-20 Simoneau Narrative   0.22
a20-21 Simoneau Finale w Bianco w Alarie P/Fishers 19xx 6.36
n20-22 Schock Narrative   2.31
a20-23 Schock Wenn Der Freude Seraglio 1953 2.43
a20-24 Schock Ma Se Me Forza Perdita Un Ballo 1953 2.27
a20-25 Schock Die Tote Stadt Dead City 1959 5.07
a20-26 Schock Tassilo's Song C/Mariza 1953 5.15

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