The History of the Tenor
Is an archive of the greatest Operatic Tenors including narration and sound clips from 1900 until 1990.

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Tenor Aria Opera Date Time
n21-01 Lugo Narrative   1.10
a21-02 Lugo De Mon Amie P/Fishers 1932 2.31
a21-03 Lugo Recondita Armonia Tosca 1939 2.52
n21-04 Schmidt Narrative   0.26
a21-05 Schmidt Du Solist Der Kaiser Der Favorit 19xx 2.47
n21-06 Svanholm Narrative   1.15
a21-07 Svanholm Rome Narration Tannhauser 19xx 4.50
n21-08 Nelepp Narrative   1.00
a21-09 Nelepp Address to the city fathers Sadco 19xx 2.20
a21-10 Nelepp Storm Queen / Spades 19xx 2.37
n21-11 Peerce Narrative   1.17
a21-12 Peerce Fra Poco A Me Recovero Lucia 19xx 2.58
a21-13 Peerce Ch'Ella Me Creda G/ West 19xx 2.21
n21-14 Schiotz Narrative   2.38
a21-15 Schiotz Hier Soll Ich Dich Seralgio 19xx 2.41
a21-16 Schiotz Im Mohrenland Seralgio 19xx 2.27
n21-17 Anders Narrative   1.13
a21-18 Anders Konssstanzze O Wie Angstlich Seraglio 19xx 4.20
a21-19 Anders Horch, Die Lerch Wives/Windsor 19xx 2.46
n21-20 Orfionov Narrative   1.51
a21-21 Orfionov Aria Judith (Serov) 19xx 4.23
a21-22 Orfionov Aria Cenerentola 19xx 4.15
n21-23 Vinogradov Narrative   1.18
a21-24 Vinogradov Pourquoi Sorotchinsky Fair 19xx 5.57
a21-25 Vinogradov Adieu Mignon Mignon 19xx 2.59
n21-26 Orfionov Narrative   0.55
a21-27 Orfionov Aria Shach-Senem 19xx 2.57
n21-28 Vinogradov Narrative   3.09
a21-29 Vinogradov Russian Song w Ivanov Folk Song 19xx 3.52
n21-30 Corelli Narrative   1.37
a21-31 Corelli Duel Scene w Guelpi Forza 19xx 6.03
n21-32 Corelli Narrative   0.23
a21-33 Corelli Non Piangere Liu Turandot 1966 2.30
n21-34 Corelli Narrative   1.38
a21-35 Corelli Sfolgoro Divino Poliuto 1960 4.25
Act 22

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