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Lucien Muratore

Lucien Muratore Lucien Muratore
Born: August 29, 1876

Died: July 16, 1954, Paris


French tenor.

Lucien Muratore was born and trained in Marseille, first as a cornist, and later as an actor. He made his debut at the Odéon theatre in Paris, where he played opposite such actresses as Sarah Bernhardt and Réjane. He then studied at the Paris Music Conservatory, and made his operatic debut in 1902, at the Opéra-Comique, creating the King in Reynaldo Hahn 's La carmélite.

He made his debut at La Monnaie in 1904, as Werther, and the following year at the Palais Garnier, as Renaud in Lully's Armide.

He created several Massenet operas such as Ariane and Bacchus, at the Opéra, and Roma, in Monte Carlo. He also took part in the creation of La Catalane by Le Borne, Monna Vanna by Henry Février, Déjanire by Camille Saint-Saëns, and Pénélope by Gabriel Fauré.

He became principal French tenor at the Opera Houses of Boston and Chicago from 1913 until 1922. He also appeared at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires.

Muratore retired from the stage in 1931. He was married first to soprano Magali Beriza, and later to soprano Lina Cavalieri, with whom he appeared in a silent movie, Manon Lescaut, in 1914.

His art of singing was at times almost overshadowed by his immense talent as an actor and elegance on stage.

Tenor Aria Opera Date Time
n06-09 Narrative Muratore 2.43
a06-10 Muratore Elle Est Moi Monna Vanna 1906 2.42
n06-11 Narrative Muratore 3.23
a06-12 Muratore Ah Fuyez Douce Manon 19xx 3.26
a06-13 Muratore Amor Ti Vieta Fedora 19xx 1.52
n06-14 Narrative Muratore 2.22
a06-15 Muratore Foret De Noel w Cavaliere Song 19xx 3.39

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