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Aureliano Pertile

Aureliano Pertile Pertile, Aureliano

Born: Nov 9, 1885

Died: Jan 11, 1952


Italian tenor.

Aureliano Pertile came to be Toscanini's preferred tenor at La Scala during the 20's, and was probably the most loved and famed tenor within Italy during this era, having abandoned the country all Caruso's successors, such as Gigli, Martinelli and Lauri-Volpi.

Pertile thus came to symbolize a La Scala in opposition to the Italianesque Metropolitan Opera of New York. Unlike his contemporaries, Pertile had no extensive collaboration with the Met in New York, neither with any other major opera company outside Italy.

His popularity within Italy, however, made him the chosen tenor for creating Nerone for Boito at La Scala (1 May 1923) and Sly for Wolf- Ferrari also at La Scala (29 December 1927). Here he was often praised for his musical intelligence and his skilfull use of a huge, metallic but not considerably beautiful voice.

His impressive stamina and vocal reserve allowed him to excel in roles such as Lohengrin, Andrea Chenier and Otello.




* Pertile has been combined with Martinelli due to the way the
narrative has been written

Tenor Aria Opera Date Time
n09-06 Narrative Martinelli     9.26
a09-07 Martinelli Come un Bel  Di Di Maggio Chenier 1927 3.09
n09-08 Narrative Pertile     2.00
a09-09 Pertile La Dolcissma A/Lecouvreur 1928? 2.34
n09-10 Narrative Martinelli     2.26
a09-11 Martinelli Troncar w De-Luca & Mardones W/Tell 1923 4.08
n09-12 Narrative Pertile     1.17
a09-13 Pertile Donna Non Vidi Mie M/Lescaut 1928? 2.43
n09-14 Narrative Martinelli     2.22
a09-15 Martinelli A Si Ben Mio Trovatore 1927 2.04
a09-16 Pertile A Si Ben Mio Trovatore 1928? 8.15
n09-17 Narrative Pertile     1.16
a09-18 Pertile Recondita Armonia Tosca 1930? 2.50
n09-19 Narrative Martinelli     1.56
a09-20 Martinelli No Pagliaccio Non Son Pagliacci 1927 4.16
n09-21 Narrative Pertile     2.14
a09-22 Pertile Extract  (cr) Nerone 1925? 2.07
a09-23 Pertile Vieni Denza 19xx 2.21
n09-24 Narrative Martinelli     3.32
a09-25 Martinelli O Lola (siciliana) Cavalleria 1927 2.37
n09-26 Narrative       2.37
n09-27 Martinelli Personal Narrative 1962 1.29
a09-28 Martinelli Or Son Sei Mesi G/West 1962 2.48

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